Adopt a manta

You can support the ongoing research of MantaMatcher by adopting a manta ray. A manta adoption allows you to:

Funds raised by manta adoptions are used to offset the costs of maintaining this global library and to support new and existing research projects for the species.

You can adopt a manta at the following levels:

The cost of your adoption is tax deductible in the United States through Wild Me, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Creating an adoption

To adopt a manta, follow these steps.

  1. 1. Make the appropriate donation using the PayPal link below.
  2. 2. Send an email to Include the following in the email:
    • your name and address
    • your donation amount and the email/userid that made the PayPal donation
    • the manta you wish to adopt
    • the email to notify with future resightings of the manta
    • a photo of yourself, your group, or a corporate logo
    • a quote from you stating why manta research and conservation are important

Please allow 24-48 hours after receipt of your email for processing. We are currently working to automate and speed this process through PayPal.

Your adoption (photograph, name, and quote) will be displayed on the web site page for your manta, and one adoption will be randomly chosen to be displayed on the front page of

Thank you for adopting a manta and supporting our global research efforts!

Tess Maisey
Why are research and conservation for this species important?
"My Manta?s name is Big Poppa, named by my friends and I after a trip to the beautiful island of Lembongan. Whilst I had visited many times, this trip was my first time staying and diving with Big Fish Diving. Through Big Fish I got to learn so much about beautiful Mantas and the danger they face in Indonesia and all over the world. We are extremely proud of our Big Poppa (she had a baby a couple of years ago!) and hope to one day meet her in the deep blue."

Sample adoption for manta “INNLP0348A”.
Click here to see it on the manta page.