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 =====No spots between the gill slits===== =====No spots between the gill slits=====
 =====Spots on the abdomen===== =====Spots on the abdomen=====
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 =====No spots on the abdomen===== =====No spots on the abdomen=====
 =====Spots between the gill slits and the abdomen===== =====Spots between the gill slits and the abdomen=====
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 =====Tail damaged or short===== =====Tail damaged or short=====
 =====Tail missing===== =====Tail missing=====
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 =====Normal colouration===== =====Normal colouration=====
-{{:normal_colouration_dorsal_lr.jpg?200|}}{{:normal_colouration_ventral_lr.jpg?200|}}+{{:normal_colouration_dorsal_lr.jpg?200x140|}}   {{:normal_colouration_ventral_2.jpg?200|}}  {{:normal_colouration_ventral_lr.jpg?200x140|}} 
 =====Leucistic manta===== =====Leucistic manta=====