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How it works

10,653 identified individuals

35,127 reported encounters

134 contributors

Why we do this

“MantaMatcher will revolutionize global research on these threatened rays and help change the way field researchers approach scientific research on wild animals by means of successful and meaningful public involvement.” - Dr. Andrea Marshall, co-founder

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How can I help out of the water

If you are not getting into the blue, there are still other ways to get engaged.

Adopt a manta

  • Support individual research programs in different regions
  • Receive email updates when we resight your adopted manta
  • Display your photo and a quote on the manta’s page in our database
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Meet an adopter:Tuva Andreassen Follesoe

Hege and I have been lucky enough to encounter mantas in multiple locations around the world while scuba diving. Our hope is that the knowledge and information gained through MantaMatcher can help protect this wonderful species so that our nieces get a chance to experience the magic of swimming with a manta when they grow old enough to travel the world. - Uncle Jonas & Aunt Hege