: INNLP0214A X
: Mituka X
: X

Sex: male


Taxonomy: Mobula alfredi

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Collaborating Researchers

Lillian Ellevog

Affiliation: Marine Megafauna Foundation

Research Project: Global Manta Ray Program

Web Site:

"Research assistant for the Marine Megafauna Foundation based in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia from 2013 to 2018, observing and studying the aggregation of manta rays in the area and most importantly learning how to live in harmony with the natural world."

Doug Keim

"Doug is an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer. When not working at his engineering day job, he's planning his next scuba diving holiday."



Janis Argeswaraj

Affiliation: Marine Megafauna Foundation

Research Project: Microplastics & Megafauna

Web Site:

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PeterandHelen on Tue Jun 23 07:23:15 UTC 2015
Created INNLP0214A.

PeterandHelen on Wed Jul 08 11:24:19 UTC 2015
Added encounter f4843a2c-1635-4324-b580-fbccbb271092.

KGrabb on Sun May 15 23:41:37 UTC 2016
Added encounter 5ffc9e69-22f3-420f-8c9f-237d996f0d27.

KGrabb on Tue May 31 03:55:07 UTC 2016
Added encounter 1ce68ee1-a357-4703-9501-87a85a6d1933.

DKeim on Wed Dec 21 03:15:01 UTC 2016
Added encounter 39e26f60-ba72-4993-b9d9-92f251d0097c.

MMFLembongan on Sun Jun 04 04:50:09 UTC 2017
Added encounter 92f2adda-0526-49c5-af44-3c663c3b420d.

MMFLembongan on Tue Oct 03 03:05:55 UTC 2017
Added encounter f33691b5-568f-44ac-ae47-b01f5a0d079d.

MMFLembongan on Sun Oct 08 08:26:07 UTC 2017
Removed encounter#f33691b5-568f-44ac-ae47-b01f5a0d079d.

MMFLembongan on Sun Oct 08 08:26:53 UTC 2017
Added encounter f33691b5-568f-44ac-ae47-b01f5a0d079d.

MMFLembongan on Tue Feb 27 01:45:16 UTC 2018
Added encounter 24de902a-8c0d-4735-9f41-b9147bde6fae.

MMFLembongan on Fri Mar 02 03:23:02 UTC 2018
Added encounter d5cfba99-2795-48c8-a5dd-1f8963f21ae1.

Mola on Mon Jun 10 04:42:32 UTC 2019
Added encounter fdf1e414-cc14-4561-81b6-4a64a96d99ae.

Mola on Tue Aug 20 04:44:49 UTC 2019
Added encounter 6fcd5bf1-71fa-476a-913e-6e8817257b5a.

Mola on Mon Nov 18 03:06:31 UTC 2019
Added encounter d7daf376-7568-46b4-83a4-582caea0c8d4.

Mola on Thu Dec 05 03:37:21 UTC 2019
Added encounter 6d6259eb-d6fb-4dcd-a32f-571a2b0aa2ee.

Mola on Tue Aug 25 03:22:22 UTC 2020
Added encounter 872b83ac-f0aa-49c5-812e-1c7f4fe6b164.

Mola on Mon Sep 14 06:53:56 UTC 2020
Added encounter 9eb3216d-77fa-4c18-a538-6f1b5f9f5ffb.

argeswaraj on Tue Oct 13 04:23:21 UTC 2020
Added encounter 248e3327-50a4-48dc-8251-51d96cc881ea.

Mola on Tue Feb 02 11:15:26 UTC 2021
Added encounter 565abb90-8e18-4596-9bc4-bbc9a3730088.